Wednesday, August 27, 2008

C&W cellphone ease

Published: Wednesday August 27, 2008

CABLE & WIRELESS' mobile customers who travel to Caribbean countries where the company operates will now be able to reap the benefit of savings.

Erma Banfield, manager of mobile and fixed line services , Cable & Wireless, explained that "with home rate roaming one of our mobile customers visiting Grenada and making a call home on a Saturday for example will be charged 10 cents per minute, the same price they would pay for a local call during the same time period".

Banfield confirmed that the offer was valid in the 14 countries where the company operated including Trinidad & Tobago.

"Calls made by our customers to any of these Cable & Wireless countries will be charged our international direct dial rate, however, calls to other countries will be charged at the applicable international roaming rates . . . Calls from local mobile and all international numbers are free."

This offering comes as one of the first initiatives from the new, single pan-Caribbean Cable & Wireless entity now taking shape, and signals the company's intention of delivering on its promise to offer a more consistent and uniform suite of products and services to all customers across the region.

Richard Dodd, CEO Cable & Wireless Caribbean said: "Our customers have been anticipating this news for a long time and we are very pleased that we can finally deliver," he said.

According to Dodd the initiative will translate into unbeatable value, with associated savings for Caribbean customers with families and businesses spread throughout the region.

"Cable & Wireless' objective is to take its place as a truly Caribbean company therefore our technologies must benefit the people of the Caribbean in a seamless manner," he said.

Source: Nation Newspapers

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