Friday, April 25, 2008

Scotia DBG's new team built on experience

Published: Friday April 25, 2008

Scotia DBG Investments chose cocktails in a country club setting to introduce its new senior management team to clients and prospectives last Friday, a day after its official name change finalising its transition into the Scotiabank fold.

Anya Schnoor has had control of the investment bank since June 2007, following the departure of Peter Bunting, who had been principal shareholder in Dehring Bunting and Golding up to its acquisition by Scotiabank in late 2006.

After 16 years in operation, Scotia DBG now serves 40,000 clients, representing investments of $85 billion.

Schnoor who will be looking to grow that business has 15 years experience in investment and banking, and appears to have pulled together a team with equal seniority - a mix of old and new faces.

"Today we move forward proud of our new association with Scotia, but equally proud of our rich history," said Schnoor.

As drinks and conversation flowed Friday at the Constant Spring Golf Club in St Andrew, Lissant Mitchell was introduced as Schoor's deputy.

Mitchell, who joined the company in October 2007, is senior vice-president with overall responsibility for treasury, trading, stockbrokerage and asset management operations.

15 years experience

He has worked with Schnoor before at Pan Caribbean Financial Services, and he too has more than 15 years experience in investment, treasury and the banking industry, of which 11 have been at the management level.

"As we move forward as Scotia DBG Investment we will rely on the talent of the extraordinary professionals which work throughout the organisation," said Schnoor.

The other new face is Suzanna Holness, vice-president of operations. Holness who has over 20 years in banking operations and business process redesign joined the group in February in a move from Capital and Credit Financial Group.

Brian Fraser who was inherited when Scotia Jamaica Investments (SJIM) was collapsed into Scotia DBG Investments under a swap of shares, is assistant vice-president for pension fund management and general manager of Scotia DBG Unit Trust Manager's Limited, formerly DB&G Unit Trust.

Both portfolios

Fraser is charged with growing both portfolios.

Prior to joining the Scotia group he held positions in risk management, compliance, trading and treasury at Sigma Merchant Bank and Investment Management Limited.

Sigma was merged with Pan Caribbean years ago.

Making the transition is Vanessa Reid-Boothe, the general manager of asset management, who retains responsibility for the ongoing strategic development of the Easy Own brand, a credit service created by DB&G.

Reid-Boothe also manages the company's operations and marketing and the implementation of credit and collections policies along with new business development.

Her experience spans eight years in foreign exchange and fixed income trading, and commercial and corporate loan structuring.

Tanya Ho-Shue, who has been in banking for 23 years, retains her job as general manager of Scotia DBG Merchant Bank.

Andrea Tinker remains in charge of the company's finances as chief financial controller, while Chorvelle Johnson is in charge of sales.

Tinker has 20 years in the accountancy profession.

Sabrina Gordon

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