Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Republic Bank continues to climb

Published: April 30, 2008

Market activity declined as overall volume stood at 278, 144 and value at $4.19 million.

Prestige Holdings Ltd posted the highest trade volume with 102,599 shares being exchanged for $463,045.50, while Republic Bank Ltd posted the highest value of $1.84 million as 18,858 of its shares were traded.

National Flour Mills saw 41,000 shares being traded for $47,150, while RBTT Financial Holdings Ltd registered a trade volume of 25,184 shares and a value of $932,653.09.

Advances led the day’s activity as Republic Bank Ltd posted its 52-week high price of $98.00 having moved up by $0.98.

GraceKennedy Company and Trinidad Cement Ltd, also climbed to their 52-week highs, gaining $0.48 and $0.25 to close at $7.98 and $8.75 in that order.

Meanwhile, Guardian Holdings Ltd and One Caribbean Media also enjoyed increases of $0.29 and $0.25, ending the day at $28.29 and $18.00 respectively.

Prestige Holdings Ltd suffered the only loss for the day, shedding $0.50 to end at $4.50.
The Mutual Fund market witnessed trade activity as 98 units of Praetorian Property Mutual Fund were traded for $490 and the price stood firm at $5.

The Composite Index gained another 4.61 points up to 1,061.14, while the All T&T Index added 5.68 points to 1,360.82

Source:Trinidad Guardian Newspapers

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