Tuesday, June 24, 2008

TCL pledges no increase in price of cement

Published: Tuesday June 23, 2008

There will be no increase in the price of cement produced by Trinidad Cement Limited, at least for now, according to its general manager Satnarine Bachew.

He said despite the high cost of raw materials and soaring fuels prices, the company was trying to maintain the present price of this crucial building material.

Speaking at TCL’s customer appreciation awards ceremony held at the poolside of the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre, St Ann’s, on Sunday, Bachew told distributors, “With oil prices at US$140 per barrel, we are struggling to keep the price of cement at its present value.

“Freight prices have increased significantly and raw materials like pozzolan, gypsum and clinker, which we import, are more expensive. But we are trying to hold prices at least until the end of this year.”

Rising labour and utility costs have also weighed on TCL’s production.

Bachew said a drastic escalation in oil prices was the only factor that could change TCL’s mind.

“Fuel is key to this product. It depends on where that goes.”

However, these factors have so far not affected the company’s production capacity of 1.2 million tonnes annually.

Of that, 700,000 tonnes is used locally, while the rest is exported across the region.

no more pollution

Through a campaign titled “from Grey to Green” TCL is said to be on a aggressive campaign to protect the environment.

It wants to prevent dust emissions and clean up areas where it operates.

Bachew said: “We are looking at where our distribution depots are located and the impact on residents.

“Noise pollution and vehicle fuel emissions are of concern to us.”

Source: Trinidad Guardian Newspapers

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